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Ventura - Califórnia - Estados Unidos

Surf Board Shaper I Travis Reynolds

In an age of mass produced, machine shaped surfboards, surf board shaper Travis Reynolds follows in the tradition of Californian, artisan board-builders.

In choosing to keep his operation small-scale, he is afforded the luxury of time to attend to the details of each design, through all stages of production and product testing — Travis himself is an accomplished surfer. All of which has yielded some beautifully crafted surfboards and a loyal following.

Travis grew up riding for legendary, Michel Junod.  He first started shaping in Hawaii when he was 18.

In the beginning it was just something fun to do; to build a board, surf, let a buddy sample it then end up making them one. Next thing I knew more and more friends were ordering boards and their buddies too, and so on. After a while, I started to have less time for my “day jobs” because the board orders were stacking up. My elders have always told me that there is no money in building surfboards… but that never discouraged me. I guess the lifestyle and love of the work has out weighed the need for the big bucks.

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