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Epic Waves, Cold Weather and Solitary Adventure

At the beginning of the year, the spectacular waves and peaceful atmosphere transformed the Algarve into a paradise for fearless surfers.

15/Jan/2024 - Carlos Muriongo - Portugal

As much of the world settles into winter, I went exploring the Algarve, greeted by a serene landscape and remarkable waves. The cold weather doesn't keep enthusiasts away, but it does add a layer of authenticity to the experience. The quiet beaches and peaceful atmosphere offer a welcome break from the usual surfing frenzy.

Accompanying this article, we are privileged to share some stunning images and a short video that capture the essence of this unique experience. From surfing at dawn to sunset on deserted beaches, every moment is a celebration of beauty

  nature and passion for surfing.

One of the jewels of the south coast is the availability of lesser-known and less crowded places where surfers can connect intimately with the sea. Away from the crowds, communing with the waves becomes a purer and more personal experience. Isolated beaches

  offer a refuge for those looking to escape the conventional and explore new horizons.

Surfing in the Algarve at the beginning of the year is more than a simple sporting adventure. It's a journey to discover the unique beauty of winter waves, the calm of empty beaches and the authenticity of this incredible region. If you are looking for a surfing experience

  off the beaten track, the south coast could be just what you need. Respect the places and rules in the water. “

On this adventure I met with surfer living on the south coast Halley Batista and some other surfer friends.