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Russia has the third longest coastline among all countries, and obviously there is surf.

Surf in Siberia tells us about the Russian surfers riding in the severe conditions of The Far North. Only few ones have tried surfing at this latitude, even fewer have tried it in Russia.

Surf in Siberia’s been shot during one year at different locations in the Murmansk region. The camera crew has filmed different seasons, conditions and moods of those sites. Having overcome all of the difficulties and having been inspired by the northern spirits, our heroes share their impressions about the places they’ve visited, the past of our country and their childhood.

This is the fifth episode about surf in Siberia by Konstantin Kokorev, you can see the previous episodes here.

Director – DOP Konstantin Kokorev

Operators Elisey Gladnikov, Alex Fetsov

Surfers Konstantin Kokorev, Sergey Rasshivaev, Nikolay Rahmatov

Photographers Tatiana Elisarieva, Andrey Artukhov, Konstantin Kokorev

Sound design Andrey Cherniy

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