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Califórnia - Estados Unidos

Short Film I Central California Surf

Perry Gershkow

No, you are not watching Bodhi get the mountainous wave of his life at the end of Point Break. This is the real thing. And if watching a bunch of dudes get barreled by building sized waves while listening to Arcade Fire gets you emotional, join the club.

Watch and enjoy a surf short documenting a winter weekend of Central California surf shot and edited by Perry Gershkow.


Nat Young

Matt Lopez

Cyrus Sutton

Shawn Dollar

Tyler Fox

Pat Gudauskas

Marty Magnusen

Dane Gudauskas

Kyle Thiermann

Michael Taras

Pat Shaughnessy

Trevor Bloom

Get to know Perry at perrygershkow.com

Music / My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire

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