Film I # Vanlife

# VanLife. Everyone wants to jump on board.

17/Mai/2017 - Crayfish films

The talented team at Crayfish films have created this hilarious satire following one of the original vanlifers, Fergus O’Donell.  Fergus left the mainstream way of life in the early 90’s to travel in his van, surfing, skating and straight up live the dream. We particularly enjoyed Fergus’ “how to’s” on making sunscreen and velcro-ing your life to a wall.

Part van-living tutorial; part window into the world of a man who has chosen to live off the grid – #vanlife will change the way you think about life on the road forever.

Check out the video to see a guy doing what you wish you were, with a cheeky reference to Eddie Vedder at the end.