Film I The Land Of: Chapter 1

Let surfing inspire you. Let it take you places. Open doors to travel. Meet new people. Put a smile on your face. And possibly help other people along the way. Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald have defined soul surfing as just that.

18/Mai/2017 - Stefan Hunt

The Land Of is an entirely independent production that follows a group of surfers on a journey through Thailand as they gain new perspectives on travel that extend far beyond simply riding waves. In chapter one we find Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Jameson Fitzgerald in Phang Nga visiting the grommets at Baan Santisuk orphanage. During their time there they were able to assist in a building project as well as taking the kids surfing at local beaches helping to build their confidence in the ocean. Chrystal sums it up best saying “everything we do matters” reminding us of the value of traveling with a purpose.

Chrystal currently lives in Byron Bay, Australia with her husband and dream weaver Joel Fitzgerald. Chrystal is an ambassador for our favorite Women’s surf brand The SEEA. Stay tuned for more chapters of The Land Of.

To get learn more or involved with Baan Santisuk visit ywamthai.org/baansantisuk

Directed, Edited and Produced by: Stefan Hunt

Music in order of appearance.

Song : Bark

Artist : Open Swimmer

Song: Curious Cat

Artist: Jonny Higgins

Song: Untitled

Artist: OXBLVD