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Big Surf no Mediterrâneo

Alex Laurel

Eric Rebiere e cia. foram atrás das tempestades e acharam ondas grandes em algum lugar do Mar Mediterrâneo.

''After being the first french surfer to qualify on the world championship tour, among the best 44 surfers in the world, Eric Rebiere became a renowned big wave rider. His new goal is to expand the list of big wave spots around europe, which is a lengthy process...This time is pushing the boundaries and brings his 9"6 to the Mediterranean sea. Who would thought about packing such equipment for a trip to a sea...Eric is thinking outside the box.

Supported by nixon.com/

Filmed and Directed by Alex Laurel

Edited by Gustavo Imigrante

Drone camera by TNK Vision

Music by Steven Swinford "Deep in the Bayou" 

Filmed on Sony F55 and DJI Inspire 1''

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